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i went and had my injectors replaced back in Oct 11.it didnt fix my issue still showed i had a injector not firing.

well ive only drove it a handful of time since and i finally wanted to fix it. turns out he lost a clip that holds it in place. Put the green coolant in it instead of the gold that was in it which i guess the green will cause issues if not fixed. He didnt put my dipstick back in it.

Oh i replaced all 8 injectors which means i should have 8 injectors in the box right NOPE only 6.

so a warning to anyone that goes there make sure you account for everything.im sure since its this far out they wont do anything about it but im going to try.

Review about: Injectors Replace.



k they had the other injectors still there luckily.they told me they didnt lose the dipstick which i dont care.

they verified they use a coolant that will mix with all antifreezes so that wouldnt be an issue.overall i still dont know if i would go back.

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